HISA for organisations

A strong corporate relationship with HISA is a chance to take a deep dive on digital health and broaden connections nationally and internationally. As an engaged member your teams will learn more about the specialty areas of digital health, e-health and health informatics and build long lasting collaborations to grow your business. Membership packages are easily tailored to suit your organisational needs.


HISA represents Australia’s diverse and multi-disciplinary digital healthcare community.

Advisory Services

HISA Advisory Services draws from the skills of the most experienced clinical, academic and management members of HISA.

Sponsor or exhibit

HISA can connect you to the right networks to suit your business targets in digital health.

Upgrade your membership

All HISA Organisational Members now have the option of ‘upgrading’ their membership package to Premium+

Partnership opportunities

Now you can build credibility and reach by partnering with HISA, Australia’s peak professional body for digital health, e-health and health informatics.

Become a volunteer

HISA will gratefully accept your time and expertise – get in touch and find out how to get involved!