Combined ACHI/HISA membership


HISA, together with the Australasian College for Health Informatics (ACHI), promotes four levels of individual membership in the health informatics community.

The different levels of individual membership (illustrated below) reflect the diversity of Australia’s health informatics community.

They aim to present a structure that reflects the ‘seniority’ of the membership levels and give recognition to (and promote) the larger issues of health informatics workforce development and growth.

These membership tiers are reflective of expertise and contributions to the field of health informatics.

We encourage people to aspire to apply for MACHI and FACHI membership which recognises professional achievements and status in health informatics.

Membership options for individuals


How to become a combined HISA/ACHI member

Applications for MACHI or FACHI levels is a two-step process:

1) Join using the online form on HISA’s website, found here. Choose either the FACHI or MACHI levels of membership, complete the registration process and make payment*.

2) Complete the MACHI/FACHI/STUDENT membership application form online (download the form here) and email to [email protected]

Already a HISA member? Upgrade to a combined HISA/ACHI member now

Upgrading your membership is a two-step process:

1) Purchase a HISA membership upgrade to include MACH or FACHI membership here

2) Complete the MACHI/FACHI/STUDENT membership application form online (download the form here) and email to [email protected]

* You will be a HISA Ordinary member, with all the benefits bestowed on a HISA member. On receipt of your MACHI/FACHI application form, your application for Member or Fellow status of ACHI will be assessed by ACHI and you will be notified within six weeks. If your membership application for the College is not approved, you will be notified and the ACHI component of your combined membership fee will be refunded. You will remain a HISA Ordinary member.

Become a HISA/ACHI member today!


Founded in 2002, the Australasian College of Health Informatics has established a professional community of national and international health informatics experts, thought leaders and trusted advisers. HISA and ACHI together promote the MACHI and FACHI membership levels and encourage you to consider becoming a member of both ACHI and HISA. A peer review process, administered by the College assesses applications and determines an individual’s eligibility for MACHI or FACHI membership. Post-nominals of MACHI or FACHI are awarded. For a breakdown of the benefits ACHI bestows upon MACHI and FACHI members please visit the ACHI website.