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Presentation Assistance

Engaging your audience is crucial for any presentation. As the world-renowned TED talks show, it is possible to give a great, powerful and engaging presentation in a short amount of time.

HISA encourages all speakers to study-up on the variety of material available online as to how to give a great talk. For a start you might like to check out presentation design and rules every speaker should know

Oral presentation information

Audio visual guidelines
Below are a few tips and pointers to help make your audio visual presentation a method of capturing and maintaining the attention of the audience, whilst being an effective tool in communicating your message.

Audio-visual presentations will use a platform of Microsoft Windows 7® with the latest available version of PowerPoint™ from a podium laptop computer. As the number of slides in a presentation is not a cost factor, authors are able to make their visuals as concise, distinctive and expressive as possible. Please save your presentation on two USB memory sticks for security, stored separately for travel, and then submit to the Audio Visual Manager at least 2 hours prior to your presentation session. The presentation will be integrated within the session to enable a smooth transition between session presenters.

Powerpoint presentation

Your presentation must be in Microsoft Windows PowerPoint only. Some useful formatting tips:

  • Slide ratio to be 16:9.
  • All text should be in PowerPoint, preferably in light text on dark background.
  • There should be no more than 5 x 1 line bullet points per slide.
  • Optimum title text is 45 – 55 points and no smaller than 36 points.
  • Body text should be at least 26 point; large enough to read from the back of a large and sometimes long conference room.
  • Avoid UPPERCASE letters as they are hard to read.
  • The amount of information on each slide should be kept to a minimum; think more slides with pertinent information.
  • Graphs and diagrams are easier to read and faster to interpret than tables or figures.
  • Please consider not using the default colour schemes and design of templates. Use some artistic flair – or the skills of a colleague or friend to make your presentation distinctive. Photos or other graphics are good. Numerous presentations on generic templates appear repetitive.
  • Limit your use of transition effects and animation on each slide. Use of animation to highlight a specific point is great, but you don’t want to make people dizzy by overdoing the animation effects.

Presentation computers & Apple MAC users

All presentation computer equipment at the conference will be Windows based PC’s, running Windows7 & Office10. MACS will not be provided. If your presentation was created on a Mac, please ensure that you have saved it as a PowerPoint file compatible for use on a PC prior to your arrival at the conference.

Adobe Prezi users

We will not accept Prezi presentations at ATC 2016. Adobe Prezi is essentially an executable file which can contain viruses in some circumstances. This file format is also not compatible with the menu system used on the presentation platform.

Images, movie files, sounds

If your presentation contains images, movie files or sound, please ensure that you imbed these files into your presentation. Please also bring these files with you as a precaution.

Personal laptops

You will not be permitted to use your personal laptops for your presentation in the session room, however you may use your laptop in the Speaker Preparation Room.

Presentation recording

Some presentations (excluding workshops) may be video-recorded and published online for ATC 2016 delegates and HISA members. You will be asked to complete a speakers consent form prior to the conference. If you have any questions in regards to the consent form a representative from our media department will be present to discuss these with you.

Speaker information


Speakers are responsible for their own comprehensive travel, medical and personal insurance.

Passport & visa

It is the sole responsibility of the speaker to ensure that they are travelling with valid documentation. All foreign nationals must obtain a visa or electronic visa before travelling to Australia, with the exception of New Zealand citizens travelling on New Zealand passports. For information aboutvisa applications to enter Australia, please visit or contact your travel agent/airline. Please note that an application for a visa must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to departure. We strongly recommend making an earlier application for a visa. Please ensure your passport is valid for the period of your intended stay in Australia. It should also be valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended stay in Australia.

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