Hall of Fame

Below is a list of the previous recipients of HISA awards.


2017 Efficiency
Dr Thomas Scodellaro
Dr Thomas Scodellaro
Royal Children’s Hospital
An electronic medical record in paediatric medical education: Expectations and experiences of medical students

2017 Access
Dr James Haridy
Dr James Haridy
Royal Melbourne Hospital
An e-health model of care for community treatment of hepatitis C: The HealthElink project

2017 Effectiveness
Gavin Bott
Gavin Bott
Healthy Hearing: Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service
Hacking to helping: Our drive to innovate and deliver new services via the QChild system



2016: Don Walker Effectiveness A/Prof Meredith Makeham Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University Risks to patient safety in the RACF Setting: Preliminary findings of the General Practice and Residential Aged Care Concordance of Medications (GRACE-Med) study
2016: Don Walker Access Min Zaw Lwin eHealth NSW electronic Record for Intensive Care (eRIC), statewide clinical information system, and how it is integrated with clinical and state applications
2016: Don Walker Efficiency Dr Mary Lam University of Sydney Clinical decision tool for implementation of fall risk screening and assessment in general practice settings
2015: Don Walker Effectiveness Patricia Liebke UnitingCare Health Successful introduction of full device integration into clinical care
2015: Don Walker Access Amy Dellit Queensland Aboriginal & Islander Health Council Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) in Aboriginal healthcare in Queensland
2015: Don Walker Efficiency Lorna Green OnBase By Hyland Mapping your journey to paperless care
2014: Don Walker Effectiveness Prof Steven Shaha (Allscripts) Immediate impact and ROI for EPR implementation: Early findings from the United Kingdom
2014: Don Walker Access Wendy Carroll (Sanofi) Project Data Sphere: Harnessing the potential to transform data into solutions for cancer patients
2014: Don Walker Efficiency Cathy Fuhrman (Sharp HealthCare) Better patient care through better content management: Sharp HealthCare case study
2013: Don Walker Effectiveness Helen Delimitros (BioGrid Australia) Beating WBIT’s using wireless infrastructure, barcode scanning, integration and technology
2013: Don Walker Access Dr Leon Heffer (Arthritis Victoria) Improving clinical data capture and expanding opportunities for research for regional health services
2013: Don Walker Efficiency Chuck Parker (Continua Health Alliance) Using interoperable technologies to mitigate CVD risk after the Great East Japan Earthquake
2012: Don Walker Effectiveness Alice Freyne (Surgical Multimedia Services) Patient education and information: How technology is putting patients in the picture
2012: Don Walker Access Geraldine McDonald (Arthritis Victoria) The Arthritis Map of Victoria: The development of a data platform responding to consumer needs
2012: Don Walker Efficiency Jenny O’Neill (EpiSoft) Automating the Hospital Admission Process
2011: Don Walker Effectiveness Kristy Brown (Redcliffe & Caboolture Hospitals
Adelle Collins(Queensland Health)
With existing technology and a simple idea we reduced the queues and cured the patient flow blues
2011: Don Walker Access Tracey Cocciolone & Ellen Cumberland (eHealth Program, Queensland Health) Health informatics capabilities – Queensland Health of tomorrow
2011: Don Walker Efficiency Marienne Hibbert (University of Melbourne, BioGrid Australia)
Jason Lohrey (Arcitecta)
Naomi Rafael (BioGrid Australia)
Michael Harold (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research)
Julie Johns (BioGrid Australia)
Mario Guerrieri (Radiation Oncology Victoria)
Ian Jones (Royal Melbourne Hospital)
Peter Gibbs (Royal Melbourne Hospital, BioGrid Australia, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Viewing cancer patient data across organisations over the internet
2010: Don Walker Effectiveness Lahn Straney (Moving On Audits) Moving on Audits, University of Queensland Web-based system is driving quality improvement in aged care
2010: Don Walker Access Melanie Todd (Vantage Laboratories) Vantage Laboratories Improving quality of care by bringing evidence based medicine to point of care utilising unique technology
2010: Don Walker Efficiency Justin Boyle & Derek Ireland (Australian E-Health Research Centre, CSIRO ICT Centre) Developing a research prototype forecasting application
2009: Don Walker Effectiveness Grahame Grieve (Kestral Computing) Leadership in representing Australia in International Standards Forums
2009: Don Walker Efficiency John Johnston (Pen Computer Systems) Clinical audit tool for primary care
2008: Don Walker Efficiency David Dinh, Dr Michael Dinh, Dr Matthew Chu (osTechnology) ACAFE- emergency hospital decision support
2008: Don Walker Access Dr Ping Yu


Best Academic/Scientific Paper 2017
Dr Kerryn Butler-Henderson
Dr Kerryn Butler-Henderson
University of Tasmania
The development of a national census of the health information workforce: Expert Panel recommendations

Best Student Academic/Scientific Paper 2017
Jessica Chen
Jessica Chen
Macquarie University
Downtime in digital hospitals: An analysis of patterns and causes over 33 months


2016: Best Scientific Paper Dr Sazzad Hussain CSIRO Promoting UV exposure awareness with persuasive, wearable technologies
2016: Best Student Paper Alex Thomas Department of Health & Human Services Access and use: Improving digital multimedia consumer health information
2015: Best Scientific Paper Dr Dana Bradford AEHRC Designing technology for assessments of CALD patients
2015: Best Student Paper Jaime Garcia (University of Technology, Sydney) StepKinnection: A fall prevention game mindfully designed for the elderly
2014: Best Scientific Paper Dr Mary Lam (University of Sydney) I can do it: Does confidence and perceived ability in learning new ICT skills predict pre-service health professionals’ attitude towards engaging in e-healthcare?
2014: Best Student Paper Hamish Thornburn (University of Queensland) Computerisation of perinatal data entry: Is the data accurate?
2013: Best Scientific Paper Dr Andrew Georgio FACHI (Centre for Health Systems & Safety Research) Monitoring the impact of the electronic medical record on the quality of laboratory test ordering practices
2013: Best Student Paper Alison Craswell (University of Wollongong) Computerisation of perinatal data entry: Is the data accurate?
2012: Best Scientific Paper Jim Warren (University of Auckland) Using the General Practice EMR for Improving Blood Pressure Medication Adherence
2012: Best Student Paper Jamie Garcia (University of Technology Sydney) Exergames for the ederly: Towards an embeded Kinect-based clinical test validation
2011: Best Scientific Paper Jude Michel (Queensland Health), Michael J Lawley (AEHRC), Amy Chu (Queensland Health), John Barned (NEHTA) Mapping the Queensland Health iPharmacy Medication File to the Australian Medicines Terminology using Snapper
2011: Best Student Paper Ying Xia (AEHRC), Vivian Cheung (AEHRC, University of Queensland), Elsa Garcia (AEHRC), Hang Ding (AEHRC), Mohan Karunaithi (AEHRC) Development of an automated physical activity classification application for mobile phones
2010: Best Scientific Paper Johanna Westbrook, Connie Lo, Margaret Reckmann, William Runciman, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Richard Day (University of Sydney) The effectiveness of an electronic medication management system to reduce prescribing errors in hospital
2010: Best Student Paper Yulong Gu, Jim Warren, Karen Day (University of Auckland) Helping clinicians identify the clinical utility of genetic tests
2009: Best Scientific Paper Nicola T. Shaw, Anjali Kulkarni, Rebecca L. Mador (University of Alberta, Canada) Patients and healthcare providers’ concerns about the privacy of electronic health records: A review of the literature
2009: Best Student Paper Manal Helal (University of NSW, Australia) Dynamic programming algorithms for discovery of antibiotic resistance in microbial genomes

Excellence in Primary Care Informatics 2017
Prof Michael Georgeff
Prof Michael Georgeff
Precedence Health Care


2016 Adam McLeod Melbourne East GP Network
2015 Grahame Grieve FHIR

Continuing Professional Development Scholarship 2017
Tasneem Islam
Tasneem Islam
Deakin University


2016 Ruth Kaplan South Eastern Sydney Local Health District
2015 Natalie Page Macquarie University
2014 Carey Mather University of Tasmania
2013 Helen Almond University of Tasmania

2015 Jenny Brockie SBS TV
Saving Health
2014 Dallas Bastian Nursing Review
2013 Kate McDonald Pulse+IT
2012 Kate McDonald Pulse+IT
2011 Sally Glass CHIK Services, eHealthspace
2010 Simon James Pulse+IT
The HISA Media Award was for excellence in reporting in Australia on healthcare transformed and sustained by information and technology. Recipients of the Media Award were deemed by HISA to have made a significant contribution to a better understanding of health transformation through information and technology in Australia.

2017 Honorary Life Membership David Rowlands
In recognition of distinguished service to HISA and health informatics


2016 Distinguished Service Award Peter Williams In recognition of distinguished service to HISA and health informatics
Mobile Health App Challenge 2014 James Bennett for entry DoseMe
2013 HISA App Challenge Martin Seneviratne iResident
2012 HISA App Challenge Alicia Cook and Nasser Dhim Team Squiz
2012 Honorary Life Membership Bernie and Yvonne Crowe In recognition of distinguished service to HISA and health informatics
2012 Distinguished Service Award Nigel Chartres For meritorious service to the Health Informatics Society of Australia