Don Walker Awards

Dr Don Walker is a pioneer in the application of computers in Australian healthcare.

About the Award

The Don Walker award previously recognised the best submitted industry/clinical case study abstracts in three categories for HISA’s annual Health Informatics Conference. Nominations are made by authors during the HIC call for papers, where authors are asked to indicate the category they would like their abstract considered for. Three categories individuals may receive awards for are:


Preventing unnecessary hospital admissions, avoiding medical errors, improving health outcomes, reducing waiting times


Reducing the unit cost of diagnostics and treatment, improving administrative processes, improving throughput


Emerging and underdeveloped economies underserved social and economic groups, remote/rural communities

Submissions will be subject to double-blind peer review as per HIC review guidelines. The winner is determined by the abstract with the highest review score in each category.

About Don Walker

Dr Don Walker, past chairman of HISA and a pioneer in the application of computers in Australian healthcare, has an untiring commitment to the field that has spanned decades. Don has made a major contribution to Australian health informatics, particularly in the area of terminologies. It is in his spirit of continuous innovation that the Health Informatics Society of Australia has established these Awards.

Award Announcement & Presentation at HIC

Winners will be presented with their awards at the HIC Gala Awards Dinner by either the MC or the HIC Industry/Clinical Case Study Program Chair. They will receive a trophy and certificate and will be promoted widely, including in the media.