HISA Enterprise Achievement Award

For health organisations, project teams and their implementation partners.

Enterprise Award

Submissions close 1 July 2019

About the award

This award recognises outstanding achievements in digital health by health enterprises and organisations, project teams and their implementation partners.

Entrants in the Award will profile and highlight the best project outcomes and organisational implementations driving digital health change nationally.

We look forward to your involvement and participation in helping HISA’s digital health community acknowledge and shine a light on the good work done by many organisations across the health sector.

Selection and review process

Submissions are accepted until 6pm 1 July 2019.

An independent panel will use the following criteria to judge the Award:

  1. Project Outcomes – highlight specific healthcare / project outcomes including evidence of positive change and impact (both quantitative and qualitative data can be provided).
  2. Positive Engagement – report on the success in clinical and non-clinical engagement and its importance in overall outcomes.
  3. Delivery and Change Management – success in delivering the program and adoption of change.
  4. User Design and Patient / Consumer Experience – success and appropriateness of design and ease of use to improve better healthcare practice, service delivery, and overall practitioner and consumer experience.
  5. Value in Data and Data Use – project’s ability to make ready use of data to improve clinical decision making, service improvement, population health, and empowering patients.

Enterprises and organisational projects are encouraged to apply. Solution and implementation partners are encouraged to submit with the enterprise projects on which they have collaborated and worked.

Award presentation at HIC

We invite you to bring your implementation and project team, key stakeholders, guests and colleagues to celebrate your achievement at HIC. All shortlisted projects will be showcased on screen during the HISA Awards Gala Dinner during HIC. Winners will be invited on stage to accept the award.