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HISA’s 2018 Cybersecurity in Australian Healthcare survey reached 48% of health services in regional/rural areas and 52% in metropolitan areas.

We received responses from executives (23%), administrative staff (22%), IT staff (18%), clinicians (12%) and the remainder a mix of researchers, consultants, vendor specialists and board members.

Respondents felt a strong sense of organisational responsibility for the security of information assets and information systems with the following measures in place: formal plans (73%), staffing (75%) and dedicated security budget (42%).

Compared to 2017, there has been a notable improvement in security awareness training (59%, from 36%) documented procedures (68%, from 45%) and evaluation of systems at procurement (51%, from 36%)

Now you can download the results in a PDF to share in your healthcare workplace.
If you are a HISA member and would like to get more involved and stay informed about cybersecurity through the Community of Practice please contact us.


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