After receiving overwhelming interest from the digital health community and many outstanding candidates, HISA is proud to announce leadership of the first Clinical Informatics Network.

The group will look to address the needs and interests of all healthcare professionals including medical, nursing and allied health professionals.

The Network will have many opportunities to influence and shape the digital health agenda and the first output of the group will be a position statement and a job description template. This will be circulated beyond the Network for public comment.

Clinical Informatics is a sub-group within Health Informatics and clinical informaticians assess the information needs of clinicians, managers and patients, and use these assessments to characterise, evaluate and improve clinical processes.

The group has its origins at HIC 2016,  where delegates attended a workshop to contribute to an emerging Clinical Informatics agenda for Australia. Small workshop groups identified challenges and issues facing Clinical Informatics. The broad issues they identified were: education, standards, interoperability, silos, change management and project management. These issues will guide HISA’s growing Clinical Informatics Network.

Workshop convener, Dr Mark Santamaria, billed the event as the ‘inaugural meeting’ of HISA’s new Clinical Informatics group following a year of groundwork.

The group leadership is:   Dr Mark Santamaria, Chair (medical) ; Jayne Barclay, CHIA (medical imaging); A/Prof Liz Cummings (nursing); Michael Hosking, CHIA (occupational therapy); Aaron Jones (nursing);  Dr Carl Kuschel (medical); Dr Mark Merolli, PhD CHIA (physiotherapy); Yasmine Probst (dietetics/nutrition); Kate Richardson (pharmacy) ; Dr Martin Seneviratne (medical).