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HISA has welcomed the appointment of a Health Informatician, Dr Chris Pearce to the eHealth Implementation Taskforce Steering Committee.

‘Having senior expertise in health informatics, system architecture, semantic interoperability, health data, and system evaluation, testing and credentialing in the governance of Australian Commission for eHealth is essential if we are to have success in e-health in Australia,’ HISA CEO Dr Louise Schaper said. ‘A fully connected, digital health system is what HISA members are working towards and we are pleased to see so many HISA community members on this taskforce and in particular Dr Pearce.’

The new committee has been charged with clearing the way for an independent government agency responsible for eHealth, including operation of the PCEHR and the roles currently fulfilled by NEHTA, to a new body called the Australian Commission for eHealth (ACeH).

Other members of the committee include:

  • Former NSW Health director-general Robyn Kruk (Chair)
  • NT Health CIO Stephen Moo
  • Federal Department of Health special adviser Paul Madden
  • Queensland Health D-G Michael Walsh
  • Emerald-based GP Dr Ewen McPhee
  • Brisbane-based GP Dr Steve Hambleton

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