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The Australian College of Nursing (ACN), HISA and Nursing Informatics Australia (NIA) are collaborating on a position paper to affirm the role of nurses in digital healthcare at all levels and in all health settings.

The draft position paper makes a call to action for nurses to obtain the informatics capability and prowess to lead digital health reform.

It aims to strengthen the ability of our digital health care systems and nursing workforce to take ownership and lead with influence the future of healthcare delivery.

Feedback and input is now being sought from members, the nursing informatics workforce, clinicians and organisations.

HISA CEO Dr Louise Schaper said: “Nurses have a unique leadership role to ensure a digitally enabled health system delivers on the promise of better health outcomes for Australians.

“All nurses must integrate information and information technology into routine clinical practice.

“They must re-imagine the delivery of health care assisted by technology, in partnership with a more engaged patient and, with greater access to information at the point of care.

“A position statement that would affirm the important role of nurses, at all levels and in all health settings, is long overdue.”

The open consultation period ends  Monday 18 April 2017.

You will find links to the position statement below and the feedback survey tool – one for individuals and one for organisations.

Please note this is a draft with further revisions leading to a widely supported professional position on nursing informatics.


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