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HISA member and senior health informatician Dr Michael Bainbridge was the special guest speaker at a recent Pitcher Partners healthcare client and stakeholders event in Brisbane.

 Dr Josie Di Donato, HISA’s Advocacy and Leadership Director, was in the audience and reports here: 

To an audience of medical specialists, Dr Michael Bainbridge spoke of electronic records, digital health and asked “what’s in it for you?”

HISA Chair David Hansen (left) and Dr Michael Bainbridge at the event.

He told the clinicians,  today knowledge is doubling every 72 days and a doctor’s knowledge-processing capacity has an upper limit.

“This is where technology can play a part in making available, at the point of care, the latest evidence-base to support quality patient care,” he said.

He recommended  viewing Dr Lawrence Weed’s 1971 Internal Medicine Grand Rounds . “Anyone and everyone interested in quality patient care must watch this.”

Dr Bainbridge says quality data is paved with wrong turns. Structure of the data determines the quality of the output.

“If we don’t get this right in our systems we may continue to cause patient harm despite using an electronic information system. Clinical information systems that do not fit the clinical workflow are not acceptable.”

So -health informatics – what’s in it for clinicians?  The discussion concluded there is an opportunity for clinicians to influence the design and procurement of information systems that do not get in the way of clinical workflow, but truly enhances it!

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