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The Innovating Health Series continued in Melbourne this week – this time discussing the Culture of Innovation in Healthcare.

Simon Terry and Dr Vishaal Kishore guided a discussion with senior leaders in healthcare around system innovation, culture, people and behavioural change. The very definition and language of innovation was debated in the healthcare context. It was put to the group that innovation was not clear and doing things differently sometimes seems unbearable in a demanding and complex environment.

Highlights in the discussion included:

  • seldom do we innovate alone – eco-systems, relationships and open collaboration matters,
  • not all players are in the same place and therefore don’t think about innovation the same way – how do we bring innovation into our thinking and workplace?
  • if we want to be different we have to do things differently.

These perspectives brought focus to spending time on innovative change, identifying and protecting our innovators, and ensuring when we solve major problems that we take the time to reflect on what we did and change.

The discussion was robust with all participants agreeing we should find our “crucible”, do something about it now and report back to the group in the future. More updates from this session will be released in the coming weeks. The Innovating Health Series is run by HISA in partnership with Accenture with key contributions from thought leaders across various sectors including health.



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