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By HISA Advocacy and Leadership Director Dr Josie Di Donato who attended the Expo

When the master of ceremonies for the event is futurist Chris Riddell, then you know for certain old ways of thinking will be challenged.

There was honest commitment to a digital future for healthcare at the recent eHealth Queensland Expo. There is no doubt eHealth Queensland is on a mission. This event drew in 1800 registrants to engage in the mission, “Operation Digital”.

Some of the buzz around key topics emerging were:

  • digital revolution— EMRs are not a collection tool or a replacement for paper-recording keeping. Pushing towards 2020, EMRs will prioritise and predict those in need of care;
  • the ‘e’ in eHealth – does not stand for electronic, it stands for ‘everyone’ because it’s everybody’s business;
  • hyper-personalisation – a mega trend that goes beyond asking patients/consumers to take a satisfaction questionnaire to measure their health experience. Big data and real-time analytics makes it possible for technology to personalise care.
  • Data is the new currency!
  • Variability – the enemy of healthcare and this is why push and pull solutions are required. Pull solutions for those times you ‘suspect’ something may be wrong and Push solutions for those times when you don’t know what you don’t know;
  • Healthcare vs health – a focus on health in order to manage healthcare.

Great benefits in adopting technology are expected but a cautious note that there are risks to be managed too! In the words of one of the speakers, ‘vision without action is just imagination’. There is no doubt that eHealth Queensland is taking action.

The Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) has merged with the Australasian College of Health Informatics (ACHI) to form the Australasian Institute of Digital Health on Monday 24 February 2020. This site will no longer be updated and will be preserved for archive. Visit us at the Institute! www.digitalhealth.org.au.