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As the success of this month’s NSW branch event on patient experience and user design showed, UX (User Experience Design) has a large impact and growing influence in the future of healthcare.

HISA has responded and is working with members to form a new special interest group which will build a network of people who understand UX – what it is and what it isn’t.

Members interested in being part of the new special interest group HISA UX Network are invited to fill out this FORM and provide some information about themselves.

About UX in healthcare

User Experience (UX) is a big deal – a make or break for designers of everything from toasters to hospital apps. In fact, consider your toaster. Imagine if instead of simply turning a dial to regulate how crispy you want the toast, you had to open it up and hardwire it every time.

That’s UX – it involves the sum of a user’s interactions with, and perceptions  of a system.

It can carry enormous influence when deciding whether to implement a new system. A poor UX can leave a bad taste in your mouth as a user, and from a developer or vendor perspective  can ultimately risk alienating customers and losing business.

Associate Professor Chris Bain,  a leader  in the area says:  “We’d all be in a much better place if systems were more usable and clinicians have a positive experience.”

“A key purpose of a potential HISA  UX network is to have people develop  a better understanding of what UX is and what it’s not,” he said.

“Clinicians can sometimes be poor at communicating their exact IT problem. Not providing specifics can lead to ambiguity and frustration, and problems can remain unsolved. We want to empower people and give them the knowledge and language to articulate their system problems and work with IT departments and vendors on collaborative solutions.”







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