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oZGovThe Productivity Commission is seeking feedback from the health community for its Inquiry into Data Availability and Use.

Given the abundant, complex, sensitive and siloed nature of health data, this is a key issue for the health informatics community.

The Productivity Commission’s Issues Paper on Data Availability and Use is a very broad inquiry covering all community sectors, including health.

There are three main reasons for this Inquiry:
1. Determine if there is a problem (perceived or real);
2. Identify the main issues affecting each of the sectors; and
3. Identify potential solutions to the issue.

This is no small task and there is limited time for a robust response, as submissions are due at the end of July.

To make it easier to have your voice heard, HISA has put together a survey to elicit your feedback.  We will collate your responses and use them to form HISA’s submission into the inquiry.

It is important to survey the health community broadly so please encourage your colleagues to contribute to the survey, as it is essential to have a wide range of people participate to gain good evidence.

The survey can be found at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PCDataInquiry  Please complete your response by Thursday 28 July.

A big big thanks to the dedicated HISA members who architected the survey and will do the analysis and report –  Susan Smith, Dominique Gorse, Hugo Leroux, Dr Peter Croll and Dr Mark Santamaria.



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