Clinicians, health service managers and allied health professionals will be discussing and solving real issues from their workplace at a five-day health informatics course being held in Adelaide from 13 to 17 July 2015.

web-BrommeyerCourse founder Mark Brommeyer said the course at Flinders University was a great success when it was held two years ago. “Participants bring real clinical and business problems and issues from their hospital or workplace and we work through these in a very interactive way over the duration of the course,” Mark said.  He said topics to be tackled through innovative HI solutions could include medication errors, healthcare associated infections, human resources and performance management, financial, logistics, purchasing, patient and risk management.

“It’s all real. It is about how we structure data, collect it electronically, consider the data management and IT architecture, creating timely information – basically it is all about IT as an enabler to the better management of the health care business,” he said.

Mark has a long career as a health professional and consultant and is actively involved in current developments in health informatics in Australia, China and Singapore. He is currently delivering workshops on Health Informatics and Quality and Safety in Health Care in China and just visited one of China’s two HIMSS Level 7 hospitals, the Peking University People’s Hospital, which will be discussed in the Adelaide course.

He is assisted in the course presentation by guest speakers with relevant and current industry experience, including: 1) The new Royal Adelaide Hospital’s (nRAH) electronic journey: clinical implications for Health Informatics Case Study; 2) The St Stephen’s Digital Hospital: Australia’s first HIMSS Stage 6 Hospital Case Study; and 3) Big Data in Healthcare: Implications for Healthcare Managers and Informatics

Mark said a certificate of completion would be awarded to participants who successfully complete the assessment requirements. Credit is also granted towards the Health Care Management awards at Flinders University such as the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree among others. This course is also aligned with the CHIA competencies.

For more information and a registration form please email Health Care Management at Flinders University.