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HISA welcomes a new expert contributor to the Cybersecurity Community of Practice leadership group – Jorge Silveira, Director of Information Management and CIO for Northeast Health Wangaratta (NHW), a comprehensive specialist referral public health service in regional Victoria.

He is the chair of the Hume Cybersecurity Working Group and an active member of the VHCIO Cybersecurity Working Group with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). He has developed a number of cybersecurity resources used across the health sector in Victoria, including the creation of the code yellow cybersecurity major incident response flow chart. As a qualified auditor, he has conducted a number of ICT governance, operations and security reviews for various health services.

Jorge has also introduced the first Secure Erase media sanitisation device in Australia that was able to apply logical techniques that render data recovery infeasible even when using state of the art laboratory data recovery forensic techniques.

This led to the update of the Australian Federal Government Information Security Manual (ISM), which incorporated this method into the list of controls for media sanitisation and to receive a CeBIT Emerging Technology Innovation Award.

Read more about the cybersecurity Community of Practice HERE.

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