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HISA member David O’Driscoll recently spoke to us about the importance of CHIA and what it means to be in the health informatics community.

David speaks from experience being a 2015 CHIA graduate, a passionate authority on the CHIA Exam Committee and Manager of Business & Tooling Capabilities at NEHTA – National E-Health Transition Authority.

“The CHIA program was challenging, which I think is important if the certification is to be taken seriously,” he said.ODriscoll_David_150px

“Not having a clinical background myself, I had always been hesitant to describe myself as a health informatician. But the program has shown me that there is a broader, more encompassing definition of the role, and that everybody involved in the field has a contribution to make.

“I’ve spent the last six years working in health IT and the program has helped me consolidate and contextualise that experience which I think will be beneficial to my ongoing work.

“To me, health informatics is not just about getting the right information about the right patient available in the right place. We need to do this in such a way that it supports clinical decision making and supports normal clinical workflow.

“Understanding the process is as important as understanding the data.”

David said being a HISA member and a CHIA has benefited him immensely. From networking, to breakfasts, to HIC – HISA has enabled him to meet new people and encourage others to make positive changes to the digital health world.

“There is obviously still much work to be done in the field domestically, but with such a strong community to support it, there is little doubt that health informatics will continue to be recognized as an important factor in healthcare.”

We wish David O’Driscoll luck with continuing his work with HISA, CHIA and his role in health informatics!


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