HISA’s Innovating Health Series returned to Canberra this month for an executive design session on the topic of digital health evolving to improving health outcomes for those who are disadvantaged. The event saw 25+ senior health leaders and executive explore different ways to address a number of practical problems including ‘do not attend’ examples.

These were presented by Georgina de Beaujeu General Manager Star Health Group a community health support organisation in Victoria. There were shared learnings and a number of practical take aways from the session.

HISA’s Innovating Health Series is run in partnership with Accenture Australia.

Accenture – great Innovating Health Series partners! – People in the picture (l to r) – Ian Manovel (Accenture), Shannan Roper (Accenture), Joanne Scarfe (Accenture), Greg Moran (HISA)