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IH-tagOver the last number of months HISA has been hosting and building an Innovating Health Series bringing together health leaders and industry experts committed to raising the profile of digital health innovation and doing something about it. Delivered with the partnership and support of Accenture the series targets topical industry challenges, bringing disruptive perspectives, harnessing collective ideas to create a new conversation, and ultimately generate new solutions to stimulate innovation and change in healthcare.

To date the series has covered:

Our next topic is the Blending of Health and Human Services (Canberra) with Professor Jason Potts RMIT. The Series will continue on with further topical areas through 2016 and 2017.

Fundamentally, the series is highlighting that there is a lot of good work happening, innovation is occurring in parts, but it is not coming together to make fundamental system change. We need to start thinking differently about how we approach innovation in healthcare. That is, how we engage with health consumers and patients around their health literacy and personal well-being, how we manage good ideas to projects and acceptance of failure, and how we collaborate and work together as key stakeholders in building an asynchronous healthcare system.

Notable points and quotations from the series to date include:

  • “A new way of thinking is required. When we speak innovation we need to be speaking health system innovation”
  • “Machines and devices have to be brought in from the consumer to make system changes. This will be a fundamental shift. We will require the capability and expertise to ensure the data that they collect can inform the requirements of clinical and healthcare decision making.”
  • “Outcomes focused approaches allows us to think more about health system innovation.”
  • “There is a case for asynchronous care. People don’t want to be waiting.”
  • “I have a list of over 150 good ideas but no easy process to enable these projects to move forward. We need to find those innovations on the edge of our system already underway and lift them up.”
  • “How to grapple with the speed of innovation? Your legacy systems will never catch up.”
  • “80% of patients believe they should have access to their health records.”
  • “Healthcare requires and analytics based approach to innovation.”
  • “If it is not practically useful for a clinician they are not going to use it.”
  • “Today is less about privacy and more about safety.”
  • “If you don’t share data and information you cannot innovate.”
  • “Data is absolutely key to healthcare change, but we need to share.”
  • “The thing about ransomware – always know your back-up plan.”
  • “Not if it occurs, but when it occurs.”

Summary reports from each Executive Roundtable including video clips from a number of attendees are available for review. Also, included will be a growing set of resources to support a new conservation on innovation and change in healthcare. We welcome your interest, ideas and potential contributions to the series as we continue to build, grow and expand the discussion. Look out for future updates over the next 12 months. If you like to know more about the series, please contact Greg Moran at HISA [email protected].


The Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) has merged with the Australasian College of Health Informatics (ACHI) to form the Australasian Institute of Digital Health on Monday 24 February 2020. This site will no longer be updated and will be preserved for archive. Visit us at the Institute! www.digitalhealth.org.au.