Dr Kanav Kahol the software engineer who invented India’s Swasthya Slate mobile device, which can perform 33 diagnostic tests in the field through an Android tablet or phone, will appear live by video conference at HITWA in Perth on Friday November 4.

Award winning inventor and innovator Dr Kahol leads the Affordable Health Technologies Division for the Public Health Foundation of India. His Swasthya Slate device allows frontline health workers to do multiple tests, upload them and use decision support to offer care.

kanav“Our research and interactions with rural doctors and health care practitioners showed that the real power of mobile based health (mHealth) lies in point of care diagnostics. It is not hard to see the power of your phone or tablet being able to do ECG, measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, know the status of pregnant mother, help in monitoring mothers during birth and knowing whether a patient has malaria or dengue, ” he says.

Perth’s premier ICT conference is on Friday 4 November at the Perth Convention Centre.