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HISA is promental-health-week-imageud to support Mental Health Week 2016, taking a public role and raising profile for the use of digital media and technology in mental health care.

“The potential for digital health to improve the quality of life and treatment for patients with mental health issues and illness has been widely acknowledged,” said HISA CEO Dr Louise Schaper.

“However, with hundreds of mobile applications and programs coming online, mental health like any other field of healthcare, needs to ensure careful adoption of health tech solutions. “Privacy, security and the best use of patient data– there are many issues to be taken into consideration if we are to get this right.”

“HISA members – Australia’s health informaticians and other digital health experts – have an important role to play sharing their expertise with the whole healthcare community and particularly one as sensitive as mental health,” Dr Schaper said.

She said the organisation was committed to health workforce development to ensure all mental health care workers were equipped to use digital health tools, programs and applications.





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