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Are you a leader in the health informatics field? Are you interested in supporting the development of the future generation of health informatics leaders?

The Australasian College for Health Informatics (ACHI) Fellowship by Training (FbT) Program is currently developing partnerships with suitable organisations to place candidates with a wide range of skills and experiences. We are interested to hear from any organisation who wants to support and work with the future leaders of the Australasian health informatics workforce by providing paid placements in 2019.

The FbT Program was established as a training pathway to ACHI Fellowship. It is designed to prepare individuals for leadership roles in the health informatics workforce and address the current demands for experienced and qualified health informatics specialists from various disciplines. On completion of the Fellowship Program candidates will hold a PhD academic qualification, have a portfolio of work, and will be awarded Fellowship by the Australasian College of Health Informatics

The four-year (full time) program includes a health informatics research doctoral program at an Australasian University, a program of supplementary learning activities and two paid 6-month (full time equivalent) work placements.

Work placements offer each candidate an opportunity to gain valuable professional experience, develop sector contacts and demonstrate their unique skill sets in an industry context. Each work placement is individually designed between ACHI, the host organisation, and the candidate. ACHI works closely with host organisations to identify specialised health informatics projects that will meet an organisation’s business needs while allowing a candidate to utilise and develop their health informatics expertise and leadership skills.

Candidates are supported through their placements by a FACHI mentor.

As well as providing opportunities to candidates, there are many benefits for host organisation in participating in the program, including:

·         Capacity to temporarily expand teams or projects to improve efficiency, output or outcomes

·         Up-skilling permanent staff through collaborative work with candidates

·         Enhancing operations by undertaking new health informatics projects based on the expertise of candidates

·         Innovative future talent acquisition and management strategies can be developed.

To date host organisations have included government agencies, NGOs and industry organisations.

If you would like to know more about the program or think you may have an opportunity to place a program candidate please visit https://www.achi.org.au/achi-fellowship-program/host-organisations/ for more information, or contact the Fellowship Program Manager Frances Cook on [email protected]


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