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HISA produces the Innovating Health thought leadership series in partnership with Accenture. We bring together individuals working in healthcare from across the public and private sector to consider compelling topics. If you or a fellow senior manager or executive would like to be involved please email us.

Aged care cast study: Digital platforms supporting private healthcare

How can we better link hospital discharge to aged care services and residential aged care facilities?

This Innovating Health discussion in Sydney was hosted by Matiu Bush, Senior Strategist Business Innovation at Bolton Clarke, and Professor Colleen Doyle, Senior Principal Research Fellow at the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) who are both focused on driving innovation and creativity in the aged and community care sector.

They provided overview and context to a problem statement on understanding the current patient and family journey in a time of high stress and multiple decisions, and how to provide more timely information to support families and patients at this time.

Colleen is a published co-author of the highly regarded Moving into Residential Aged Care – A Practical Guide for Older People and their Families. Matiu is founder of One Good Street, a social initiative enabling local communities to connect and support older people within their neighbourhood, and lead digital and service strategy within Bolton Clarke.

Intelligent procurement in healthcare

The Innovating Health Series conversation in Brisbane in July 2019 discussed intelligent procurement and supply chain in healthcare.

A design thinking format was used and the event examined the question: “How can we rethink the supply chain and procurement in healthcare to be smarter, get better return, and achieve efficiencies?

Special guest Bob Beusekom, Group Director Corporate and Shared Services, Mater Health Group, shared his perspectives on supply chain management and procurement for a large group operating private hospitals and facilities.

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