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HISA’s newest Community of Practice on user experience is about building usable systems for patients and clinicians, engendering a better and more positive experience.

Poor systems perpetuate inefficiency, undermine take-up and adoption and detract from the real outcome: A better health system for all Australians.

The Chair of the newly launched UX Network, Associate Professor Chris Bain, says: “We’d all be in a much better place if systems were more usable and clinicians had a positive experience of health IT.

“While clinicians can sometimes be poor at communicating the exact problem to which IT is a possible solution, in no small part it is the role of informaticians and other relevant professionals to glean this information.

“Not providing specifics however can lead to ambiguity and frustration, and root problems can remain unsolved. A key purpose of the UX Community of Practice will be to develop a better understanding of what UX is and what it’s not, empower people and give them the knowledge and language to articulate their system problems, and to work with IT departments and vendors on collaborative solutions”.

A/Prof Bain will lead the new UX Network with team: Matiu Bush, Bernard Schokman, Dr Louise Teo, Dr Anne Miller and Pamela Scicluna.

Read more about the group and follow the Community of Practice page for updates on events and activities by the Network.

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