HISA has launched a campaign for to build the profile of health informatics and encourage more health-ICT professionals and clinicians to stand up and be recognised for their contribution.

WeAreHealthInformatics.com is supported by health informaticians and digital health professionals from across Australia who talk about their roles, their careers and their contribution to healthcare.

The campaign has started with an initial group of digital health professionals and will be continually added to over the next year.

HISA CEO Dr Louise Schaper says: “We are showing the depth of contribution health informaticians make today and their vital role in the fabric of the future health system.”

“It’s important to show the relevance of the day-to-day jobs our members are doing,” she said. “So our featured health informaticians agreed to be part of a photo shoot and make it real by bringing their jobs to life with plain English.”

“One of our goals for the campaign is for new health professionals to get involved with health informatics sooner in their career.”

She said HISA was strongly focused on three key areas of health workforce development:

  1. Credentialing and career paths for health informatics professionals through the Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA) program,
  2. Building HI knowledge and skills generally in the clinical workforce, and
  3. Building leadership at the C-Suite level through a network of Chief Clinical Information Officers.

“Our message to clinicians and health service workers is that your success in the future depends on how quickly and effectively you can adapt in the rapidly changing digital health environment.”

“If our complex health system is to benefit from information and technology, and become more sustainable, we need more clinicians with a sound understanding of health informatics,” she said.

Members interested in taking part are invited to contact HISA.