Sharing your knowledge across the community

HISA members have a wealth of skills and experience and are well-placed to make a valuable contribution to the digital health community.

As Australia’s largest pool of digital health talent, they can offer broad research capacity, project management capability, clinical experience, entrepreneurial skills and decades of health informatics knowledge.

To facilitate the best use of our members’ time and resources HISA has formed Communities of Practice.

Nursing Informatics Australia

Nursing Informatics Australia (NIA) is the pre-eminent group of nursing informaticians in Australia providing good reference point to learn about the developments in nursing informatics.


User Experience (UX) and its bedfellow usability, have a large impact on the extent to which IT systems are harnessed for maximum benefit to end-users, patients, carers and healthcare consumers.

Clinical Informatics Network

Clinical Informaticians assess the information needs of clinicians, managers and patients, and use these assessments to characterise, evaluate and improve clinical processes.


Be better informed about cybersecurity in healthcare and understand the implications for patient safety in your hospital or healthcare organisation.

Digital Hospital Design

A group of clinicians, architects, designers, engineers and health IT specialists interested in the interplay between information technology and the built environment.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is an emerging, evolving field whereby increasing amounts of different types of information are used to shape prevention, prediction, diagnosis and treatment at population, patient group and individual level. It is the way of the future.