HISA has established a Cybersecurity Community of Practice to inform and engage all stakeholders about cybersecurity in healthcare and influence the application of sound practices.

The expanded use of networked technology, internet-enabled devices, applications and electronic datasets, used for a range of clinical, financial and administrative functions, have significantly minimised the number of manual steps and time-consuming processes in healthcare workflows.

Yet, such connectivity and automated processes have increased the vulnerability of healthcare providers to cybersecurity breaches.

While cybersecurity may be perceived as primarily a technical matter it is much broader than this and encompasses both technology and human processes.

As we continue to move toward integrated digitally-enabled organisations, the disruption caused by cybersecurity incidents can have far-reaching effects, and may include lack of access to critical clinical information and services, risks to patient safety, costly replacement of equipment and data, loss of community confidence in our healthcare system and reputational damage to the providers and organisations that suffer a breach.

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Cybersecurity in Health – It’s everyone’s problem

Dr Damian Claydon-Platt and Raana Monshi
14 February 2018

HISA webinars

What is the HISA Cybersecurity Community of Practice?

Prof Trish Williams and Dr John Zelcer
2 June 2017


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David Bunker


David Bunker (Chair)

Executive Director
Queensland Genomics Health Alliance

Tony Abbenante


Tony Abbenante

Executive Director
AABB Consulting – Healthcare

Dr Damian Claydon-Platt


Dr Damian Claydon-Platt

Chief Clinical Information Officer
Epworth Healthcare

Raana Monshi


Raana Monshi

University of Melbourne

Prof Trish Williams


Prof Trish Williams

Cisco Chair and Professor of Digital Health Systems Flinders University