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What is the main purpose of this network?

Australia has some of the most knowledgeable clinicians globally on digital health, but we are a vast nation with States working in isolation. The Clinical Leadership Network aims to provide a common platform for digital health leaders to share information – from innovations to emerging clinical issues and solutions – in order to build a confident and savvy digital health workforce.

What is the criteria for being called a clinical leader?

The Clinical Leadership Network is open to all current and emerging leaders of digital health across Australia. This includes clinical leaders who are CCIO, CMIO, CNIO and CPIOs within their healthcare organisations. It is also open to clinical informaticians, emerging clinical leaders and digital champions who are in a recognised health profession.

If you are not sure about your eligibility to join this Network, complete the Expression of Interest form and someone from the HISA team will get back to you.

Is there a membership fee to join the network?

No. The Clinical Leadership Network aims to build a strong, well informed and effective clinical leadership of digital health. As such, we encourage all clinicians in leadership and/or management roles to join the network and help shape Australia’s digital health strategy.

Do I have to be a member of HISA or ACHI to join the network?

No. The network is open to all clinicians across Australia regardless of your affiliation – as long as you are in a leadership and/or management role within your organisation.

What sort of activities would the network be involved in?

Planned activities for the network include webinars, in-person events held across Australia’s public and private hospitals, curated ongoing online discussions and quarterly online forums.

HISA would also like to hear from members regarding your issues and challenges and what you would like the Network to do to help plan future activities.