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ADI Health

ADI Health has "people-centricity" at the core of whatever it does. We strive to bring patients and healthy individuals, at the center of medical/ clinical research. The main aim is to empower the people with the choice of sharing the data with whom, how much and for how long.

ADI Health proposes to enable healthy individuals and patients interact with all key partners of healthcare delivery ecosystem for participation in health research. This will happen by bringing all the ecosystem partners together e.g. general physicians, specialists, allied health care providers, medical research bodies, i.e. R&D institutes, research conducting agencies and pharma companies etc. This will facilitate all type of health research that is imperative to bring newer treatments options to millions of patients around the world.

ADI Health will automate the administrative tasks such as identity verification etc. thereby improving efficiency. This will also reduce time and save costs in payment processing. The automated workflow will also support newer healthcare delivery models and financial mechanisms. This will enhance overall patient experience.

ADI health will create patient-medical professional communities. The main goal is to increase patient engagement and improve “people-centricity” in medical research process.