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Connected Health

Innovation, information, improvement: Engage in completely new ways with staff, patients and the public.

Connected Health Pty Ltd is a majority Australian owned company that is a joint venture between well known local Health IT resources with many years experience in the sector, and Connected Tech Group, a UK Company, to introduce their well established Patient and Staff engagement software products into the Asia Pacific market.

Patient Connect is widely used in UK and Ireland acute and primary care sectors to simplify and improve communication between provider and patient thereby improving outcomes whilst lowering the cost of care delivery. This is achieved through better patient education to increase knowledge, automating administrative tasks in the patient journey, and giving the patient (or family care manager) the ability to take active control of their own care. In the local setting Patient Connect is being enhanced by the addition of greater hand-held device functionality to give care management capability to the patient (or family care manager) along with connectivity to Australia’s My Health Record system. The IOS and Android device supported applications will operate independently as a personal care manager or in conjunction with Patient Connect when adopted by Care Providers.

Staff Connect uses the same underlying functionality to improve communication between an organisation and its staff. It enables the organisation to actively show staff that their time is valued, their views are being listened to and ensures they are kept informed and updated with information relevant to their role. The use of the staff portal at the core of Staff Connect also improves communication efficiency and effectiveness as well as cutting the cost.