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EMIS Health

We provide every health sector with innovative technologies, from market-leading clinical management systems to health analytics tools – combined with unrivalled customer support. And that's why we're now EMIS Health. We've brought together the divisions of EMIS, Ascribe, Digital Healthcare, Indigo4 and Rx Systems. Integrated care is no longer an aspiration. Please take a moment to watch the short animation below EMIS Health began life as Egton Medical Information Systems in the 1980s. It was founded by two GPs to solve the problem that they could see a patient in one place and their paper notes could be somewhere entirely different. Fast forward to EMIS Health today, and the challenges are ever more complex and we’re making a difference in every healthcare sector. But the founding principle of improving healthcare by mobilising data has remained the same Take our passion for supporting longer healthier lives, multiplied by our commitment to support and customer service, together with a strong heritage of innovation – and you get a heady mix of expert, driven teams that make up EMIS Health.