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Hospital Products Australia

Hospital Products Australia is a leading edge distributor of unique IT solutions and modern and functional furnishings for the healthcare industry. All-in-one computers, technology carts and medication carts are a key component in our range that also includes examination lighting and wait room, ward and administration furniture. Our global network combined with our local knowledge ensures we have an extensive offering that is supported by superior service and support. Hospital Products Australia partners with companies including Herman Miller Healthcare, GCX, Derungs, CBS, DT Research, and HT Labor + Hospitaltechnik. These providers deliver forward-thinking healthcare solutions using cutting edge technology. They are closely aligned with practitioners to keep pace of the constant changes in the healthcare industry and invest in extensive product research and testing. The key to Hospital Products Australia’s success lies in our extensive relationships with our customers and partners and having an in depth understanding of the requirements and available solutions. Our ability to package products that are complimentary and solution-focused means we offer the highest quality products from our global network, backed by unparalleled warranties for a price that can meet your budget. We look forward to seeing you at the Hospital Products Australia booth.