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Laundry Lane Productions

We believe the Laundry Lane approach – finding the human element of a story, getting past the jargon, focusing on real people and genuine emotion – has particular relevance in the area of health. This approach is at the heart of everything we do.

Laundry Lane is a creative video production Sydney based agency specialising in telling great stories that enable our clients to engage more authentically with their audience. We blend creativity with strategic marketing expertise to produce video that is engaging and talks directly to the needs of your viewers.

Video plays such an important role in health communication – video can inform, clarify, inspire and educate. As health advocates we understand the communication challenges of this specialist area. We listen to our clients and deliver video content that addresses their objectives and strengthens their connection with their target audience. And we tap into the passion of the people who devote their lives to the challenges of delivering better health outcomes.

At Laundry Lane we leverage our experience in the interviewing, production and editing process to ensure our health partners feel supported.

We call it video with heart.