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Ocean Informatics

Founded as Ocean Informatics in 1998, our team is led by clinicians and provides a unique approach to health data and electronic health records, with a collective health informatics expertise of more than 100 years. Our experienced clinician informaticians work in a close partnership with our highly-skilled software engineers and share a common goal to improve the ability to ensure the availability of high quality health data when and where it is needed – utilising the latest technology as one of the essential tools for the provision of best practice clinical care. Our goal? It is much more than simply the right data, at the right place and at the right time. In partnership with government, healthcare providers, vendors, organisations and consumers Ocean applies our 'smart data' approach to building clinical systems that transform the direct delivery of healthcare, enable safe and accurate exchange of health data, support aggregation and analysis of research data, and allow implementation of sophisticated clinical decision support algorithms. What is this 'smart data'? It starts with Ocean's leadership role in the international development and standardisation of clinician-verified clinical data specifications known as archetypes. This means that the data that we collect in our clinical systems has been through a rigorous and collaborative design and approval process that draws on the expertise of clinicians, technicians, terminologists and other experts from over 80 countries - involving generalists and specialists; doctors, nurses and allied health providers; and the A to Z of health expertise.