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PBT Australia

PBT Australia assists clientele to deliver and improve business outcomes through better utilisation of information, data driven insights and core business systems improvement. Millions of Australian consumers are indirectly impacted by our work in the health sector.We are primarily a professional services business that builds and deploys core business applications. Now fully-owned by Prescient Limited, the broader South African based PBT Group has 350+ employees across three continents, with a 50 strong team in Australia. Internationally, we deliver information management services in numerous countries, and have systems solutions deployed in the banking, insurance, health care and telecommunications industries. At PBT, we are focused on being approachable experts in the way we engage with our clients. Long term relationships are valued and our success is measured by that of our clients. We are also conscious of the role we have to play in the Australian technology and information arena by fostering innovation to disrupt markets and advance community wealth. We advance and invest in technology joint ventures, acquisitions, technology commercialisation and strategic alliances with industry partners.