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TrendCare is the leading solution for hospital resource planning and workload management across Australasia, winning national and international awards for innovation, service delivery and training. TrendCare operates daily across more than 35,000 beds in some of the world’s largest healthcare facilities, interfacing with a wide range of other systems including; patient management (HL7 messaging), HRM and payroll systems, menu systems, financial and costing systems, and facility dashboards. The system provides dynamic data for decision making, measuring patient acuity, resource requirements, efficiency and productivity for nursing, allied health, medical and non-clinical services. Predictive work management reports, demand projection graphs and retrospective reporting and exporting of efficiency, productivity and costing data is available for all hospital services. The functions of rostering, patient dependency, clinical handovers, clinical pathways, patient risk assessments, bed management, diet ordering, HRM and staff health registers are widely used. A wide variety of healthcare facilities utilise TrendCare to measure and benchmark units of work (e.g. HPPD), efficiency, patient acuity, patient outcomes and episode of care resource utilisation. The TrendCare patient acuity / nurse dependency system is evidence based and has been extended and upgraded to measure acuity in all acute, sub-acute, community and aged care specialties.