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Sysmex Australia

Sysmex develop and implement innovative health IT solutions that streamline the management of diagnostic and clinical information; delivering integrated quality patient care. Our software solutions – Delphic and Eclair – involve every aspect of patient diagnosis and treatment from request and access of investigations to extensive data management. Utilised in laboratories, hospitals and healthcare organisations, our health IT solutions encompass the areas of electronic patient records, clinical workflow, radiology, pathology and pharmacy. Eclair and Delphic deliver more efficient, safer patient care and quicker access to the data needed to make better informed decisions. Come and visit the Sysmex stand to see how we can provide you with: • Closed-loop diagnostic test request and result management, enhanced by mobility• A centralised, secure CDR for a single source of truth of patient data across related healthcare and geographic locations • Mobile solutions for accuracy throughout the pre-analytical workflow• End-to-end pathology workflow management and reporting • Multi-disciplinary, enterprise wide laboratory information management.