Health Data Analytics – using data to innovate and enable from community to tertiary healthcare – will bring together Australia’s digital health innovators and community healthcare leaders who are using data to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of their health services.

Building on the expansion of EMRs and MyHealth Record, this year’s conference focuses on health data analytics to empower and enable healthcare in the community, primary, secondary and tertiary settings and provide a strong link to clinical research.

While hospitals and healthcare organisations are managing an unprecedented high volume of data, the Internet of Things is emerging on the horizon, constantly accessing and capturing information from health consumers.

Opportunities exist like never before for the innovative use of individual and environmental data to improve healthcare services and health outcomes.

Following on from the success of last year’s conference, with its strong focus on precision medicine, we will continue to translate health data analytics into the most practical applications and uses to improve wellness and healthcare for all Australians.

Come to the Health Data Analytics Conference to learn, engage and discover:

  • Emerging trends and research where data analytics will radically change the health system.
  • Bridging the divide between those who could benefit from information and data and those working on the technical solutions, tools and analytics.
  • Understanding the difference between clinical analytics and business intelligence?
  • Leveraging your organisation’s existing data for greater value for you and the wider health system.
  • Contributing to building skills and capacity for health informatics and health data analytics in Australia.
  • Practical hands-on experience for health professionals working in the area.

Motivating and inspiring national and international speakers, masterclasses and debate:

  • How to use data through science and cycle it back through the care continuum.
  • Examining the technology enabling data – including the Internet of Things and precision medicine.
  • Following the data chain: EMR and MyHealth Record.
  • What is health data analytics and how will it deliver business system change?
  • How to gain valuable information for decision making.
  • Be prepared for the future impact on the health system and those working in it.

Health Data Analytics is the 8th data in healthcare conference run by HISA – Australia’s Digital Health Community. In 2017 we will continue to have session-based themes with a mix of scientific, industry and clinical presentations – enabling learning across the continuum of research, clinical practice and health service delivery. As always, the social collaborative environment which this conference is well known for will continue to make this the health data event to be at in 2017.

The co-chairs Michael Draheim, CIO at Metro South Brisbane HHS, and Dr David Hansen, CEO of the Australian E-Health Research Centre look forward to welcoming you.

Michael Draheim Michael Draheim

Co-Chair, Health Data Analytics
CIO, Metro South Brisbane HHS

Dr David Hansen

Co-Chair, Health Data Analytics
CEO, Australian e-Health Research Centre