Why and who supports

Who supports?

Health Data Analytics is a must-attend event for those who share the desire to use data analytics to deliver better healthcare to all.

If your target market includes clinicians, healthcare executives and managers both clinical and non-clinical, data and information professionals, health informaticians, health policy makers, and academics.

Health Data Analytics will provide knowledge on how to get valuable information into the hands of clinicians and health service managers, where it can be used for decision-making and improving health outcomes for patients.

A particular focus will be the increasing role of the CIO and CMIO in hospitals and health systems and the clinicians, health informatics and health IT staff that are being tasked with delivering the change to a data driven health service.

Why support?

Health Data Analytics 2018 is the place where delegates will come to hear about the emerging trend for personalised healthcare and the groundswell of consumer-collected health data flowing in to the health system, offering both challenges and opportunities for improved – evidence based – patient care. It will be a great opportunity to make sure they know how you can help them.


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