HISA Australia’s digital health community invites you to be part of our 25th year anniversary celebration at our annual conference HIC 2018 in Sydney from 29 July to 1 August.

With delegates from all over Australia gathering to share the latest digital health research, case studies, trends and technology advances, HIC  is Australia’s premier digital health, health informatics and e-health conference and expo.  

HIC is the place for thought leadership: We bring together the latest innovations and research, practical case studies, and forward thinking towards a connected and joined-up health system.

HIC 2018 focuses on connecting the system, being smart with data, and enhancing the practitioner and consumer experience in healthcare interactions.

HIC 2018 provides the ideal professional and social environment for clinicians, researchers, health IT professionals, industry and consumers to integrate, educate and share their knowledge to drive innovative thinking, to enhance services and allow greater consumer involvement.

If you are in the business of healthcare, then this invitation is to you. HIC seeks to bring the healthcare sector together to highlight the power of digital health innovation and health informatics and to observe case studies and successes from across the sector. We know healthcare demands innovation and new ways of thinking and new models of care centred on the individual and empowered by digital technologies.

We look forward to seeing you in Sydney!

Dr Robin Mann
Chair, HIC 2018