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Wednesday 14 August


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The evolution of EMR: Optimisation with clinical decision support

As the EMR landscape in Australia continues to evolve, challenges around variation in care, inappropriate ordering and clinician productivity still exist. Even with the implementation of clinical decision support, problems are often present with resource requirements, lack of governance, low compliance and gaps in supporting evidence. So, how can you ensure that your EMR is optimised?

Order sets integrated into the EMR have the potential to be among the most impactful forms of clinical decision support with the opportunity to influence point-of-care decisions. Those that are templated and embedded with evidence can positively impact clinician productivity and guide appropriate ordering. Outcomes from implementation of the Elsevier Order Sets solution at a large healthcare organisation demonstrate the value of these features and significant ROI.

Dr Ian Chuang

Dr Ian Chuang

Chief Medical Officer


Dr Ian Chuang Chief Medical Officer, Elsevier has extensive knowledge and experience with healthcare information technology adoption, especially as it relates to clinical decision support and improving the process of care and outcomes. Dr. Chuang’s experience spans the entire healthcare continuum, including applied healthcare informatics, especially in the areas of controlled medical terminology (CMT), knowledge representation, clinical decision support and analytics; all key to clinical process optimisation on a health information technology (HIT) platform. He has contributed both at the vision / strategy levels of healthcare systems and physician leadership, as well as hands-on implementation and process optimisation at the point-of-care. His insights cover the full spectrum of what it would take to truly deliver knowledge-driven care – whether it’s capturing and structuring data, analytics and predictive modelling, or CDS functionalities intersecting with clinical workflow.

Most recently, he was the Senior Vice President and Chief Analytics Officer of Medecision, leading the informatics and analytics strategy. He engages strategically with clients around the value proposition of care and population health management to improve healthcare cost, quality and experience through robust analytics, including predictive intelligence that help optimise and personalise member intervention and engagement.

Prior to joining Medecision, Dr. Chuang was the Senior Vice President of Healthcare Informatics and Chief Medical Officer at Netsmart Technologies where he led the integration of behavioural and medical care capabilities via HCIT. As Vice President at Cerner Corporation, he led initiatives to transform care with a focus on evidence-based practice.