About Hacking Health @ HIC

Following the success of the last two Hacking Health event’s, HISA is again running Hacking Health @ HIC, this time back in Brisbane 6-9 August, as part of the HIC 2017. We have wondered at the excitement and commitment that sponsors, mentors, individuals and teams bring to a three-day event and the outcomes Hacking Health achieves. This year we want to take our approach to another level.

HISA working with its partners seeks to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, innovative health professionals, software developers, designers, data analysts, researchers and others seeking to make a difference and contributing to health system reform and change.

This year we seek to target projects and teams in areas of proving and describing value in the projects they deliver.

We want to focus on innovation, digital connectivity in healthcare, and highlight the value that innovative projects bring to a connected health system, the value it brings to health professionals working in their day to day activities, and to patients, families, carers and support groups in managing individual and community health and well-being, and ultimately to consumers (you and me).

Since 2015, HISA has collaborated with the internationally recognised Hacking Health http://hackinghealth.ca/ organisation to deliver Hacking Health @ HIC to highlight digital health innovation in healthcare with a large conference audience and to build innovation collaboration between industry, government and health service providers. Connect with health innovations across the globe. Hacking Health runs in over 52 cities across the world.


The Sparkboard is an online platform where people register their interest, project ideas are posted, and teams form around those projects leading up to the event. It allows project teams to advertise for certain skills. Once a project idea and team is formed you are encouraged to formally register for the event.

If you have any questions you can contact the Melbourne Hacking Health team.

Hacking Health 2015

Check out the 2015 Sparkboard to see more previously ‘hacked’ projects.


Kids Healthy Eating App (Bupa)
Deadly Ears (Queensland Health)
Translation App for Migrants (Access Queensland)


Still want more information about the types of projects Hacking Health covers? Watch this video to find out more about what happens at Hacking Health and the below video from a Hacking Health co-founder Luc Sirois.

Last year’s projects

Check out last year’s Sparkboard to see previously ‘hacked’ projects.


1st Place – Amelie.ai Development of a guided conversation through artificial Intelligence powered by chatbot.
2nd Place – DSLX- Web Reader for Dyslexics Development of an app that converts web pages into dyslexic friendly format to increase web accessibility.
3rd Place – Renal Mobile App An information resource presented in an interactive and ‘rich’ multimedia streams.
People’s Choice – Patient Experience – CHIMP Child Health Integrated Mobile Passport.



What is a hackathon?

How is Hacking Health different from a typical hackathon?

What are some examples of other projects that have been part of Hacking Health in other countries?

How does this differ from other Hacking events?

Are there any prizes?

Who can attend?

Is there a cost?

What is the goal?

Who can submit a project?

How do I submit a project/problem?

Do projects have to be submitted beforehand?

How do I know if the skills I have are valuable to a team?

What about intellectual property — who will own my idea?


  • Language Translation App for Refugees using health and social services
  • Kids Healthy Eating App
  • Asthma Self-Management App
  • Reviewer – A remote review system for telehealth imaging