Date: Monday 7 August
Time: 11.10am-12.40pm
Room: Mezzanine M3

David Bunker Executive Director Queensland Genomic Alliance
Dr Blanca Gallego Luxan Lead Health Analytics Lab, AIHI, Macquarie University

Dana Bradford Senior Research Scientist, Australian eHealth Research Centre, CSIRO
A/Prof Marcel Dinger CEO Genome.One
Nic Waddell Head of Medical Genomics QIMR Berghofer

Precision medicine – trends and applications

Learning Objectives:
Precision medicine refers to the customisation of healthcare that takes into account individual variability in health status, genes, lifestyle, and environment. In this workshop, we will discuss new ways in which Health Informatics is being used to deliver precision medicine, including: information technology to build a sharable precision medicine knowledge base, advance analytics methods for biomarker discovery and translation, and information systems that help transform knowledge into action.

The workshop has been divided into two sessions dealing with the acquisition of knowledge and its translation into practice. At the end of each session participants and speakers will be asked to share their opinions and experiences in a roundtable discussion with the objective of identifying the key gaps and priorities for the delivery of precision medicine in Australia. At the end of the conference these take-home messages will be compiled and provided to HISA in the form of a research agenda for precision medicine informatics.

Target Audience:
Clinicians, software developers, informaticians and entrepreneurs, with an interest to contribute to the future of precision medicine informatics in Australia.