Date: Monday 30 July
Time: 1.50pm-3.20pm

Kathy Campbell
Director, Ockham Consulting Pty Ltd


Professor Adam Jaffe Head, School of Women’s and Children’s Health, UNSW MEDICINE, Sydney
Professor Ian Alexander Professor in Paediatrics and Molecular Medicine, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and Children’s Medical Research Institute

Sian Slade
Dr Paul Cooper
Heather Renton Founder and President of SWAN (Syndromes Without A Name) Australia
Prof Adam Jaffe
Prof Ian Alexander

Data and Doctors Converge

The Algorithm will see you now”: when is precision medicine part of the healthcare team?

Do we really think that AI and robots are going to take the place of health professionals? The more important question is how health professionals will use all the data and all the tools available to improve and tailor diagnosis, treatment and management for groups and individuals. What does this mean for consumers, for the health system and for society? In this workshop we will hear views and insights from a consumer, physicians, a health informatician and a pharmacist and have the opportunity to question them about their experiences and thoughts about the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve our understanding of Precision Medicine
  • Hear from people working in the area and hear the consumer perspective
  • Engage in a discussion of benefits, issues and challenges

Target Audience:
If you are interested in how data from many sources will come together to inform healthcare in this rapidly changing field we call Precision Medicine please join us. Relevant for clinicians, health informaticians, health executives, data analysts, researchers, project staff and others with an interest in where healthcare is heading.


Date: Tuesday 31 July
Time: 11.20am-12.50pm

Dr John Lambert @DrJaffleOz
Chief Medical Director, DXC Technology Australia and New Zealand

David Pare
Chief Technology Officer, DXC Technology, Australia and New Zealand


Sponsored by DXC Technology

Everyone is talking about digital transformation…

This is not your typical workshop. Come and immerse yourself in an interactive digital transformation experience.

For years Health IT has been digitising healthcare process and service delivery. While this has achieved valuable improvements, the industry is yet to materially transform healthcare service delivery despite many arguing an urgent need for much heralded new models of care. Why is this?

Other industries utilise digital to disrupt the status quo and achieve significant change and transformation. Health, although special, isn’t unique and could leverage some of the proven methods and innovations enabling industry-wide transformation.

In this session you will explore and participate in aspects of DXC’s digital transformation process, based on real world case studies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of industry leading transformation programs
  • Learn a new approach to lead healthcare organisations on a journey of digital transformation
  • Develop insight that will help you champion the case for change in your organisation

Target Audience:
This session is aimed at leaders and change pioneers in all areas of healthcare, be it public or private hospitals, local health districts, primary care networks, general practice, allied health and insurers. Transformation will require industry-wide buy-in to achieve the disruption required to create a sustainable healthcare system.

Date: Tuesday 31 July
Time: 2.00pm-3.30pm

Dr Chris Marmo @kurisu
Co-founder and Research Director, Paper Giant


Bennett Lauber Chief User Experience Officer, The Usability People (US)
Dr Emma Blomkamp Co-Design and Evaluation Lead, Paper Giant @emmablomkamp
Bernard Schokman CEO Design Moshpit (content The Medical Resident App / UX Perspective)


Panel Discussion:
Bennett Lauber Chief Experience Officer, The Usability People
Harry Iles-Mann Consumer Advocate
Pamela Scicluna Director and UX Designer, Kianza
Dr Tim Fazio Clinical Informatics Lead, The Royal Melbourne Hospital
Karrie Long Telehealth Manager, The Royal Melbourne Hospital
Dianne Kalogeras Senior Clinical Usability Analyst, Australian Digital Health Agency

What can good usability and UX offer the future of healthcare?

User Experience design, service design, design thinking and co-design are all phrases that have entered the everyday vocabulary of clinicians and managers working on innovation in healthcare delivery.

Today everyone agrees that ‘design’ has an important role to play in the delivery of innovative models of care.

How do you actually get started with design on your healthcare projects? In this session we will move into solution mode with a workshop on co-design followed by a panel discussion with some practical take-aways.

The workshop will be led by Dr Chris Marmo, Research Director, Paper Giant with Dr Emma Blomkamp, Co-Design & Evaluation Lead, Paper Giant. Chris and Emma will walk through one case studies in detail and introduce some tools and techniques you can use to get started on your own design project.

Learning Objectives:

  • What are UX and usability?
  • What problems are disciplines like UX design and usability engineering trying to solve?
  • What are some examples of prevention strategies around, and solutions to, these problems and what do those solutions look like?
  • What are some useful skills in this space that participants can apply back in their workplaces?
  • Where to from here in relation to usability and UX in health IT and digital health … what does the future look like?

Target Audience:

  • Clinical staff, GPs, PHN staff
  • GP Practice Managers
  • Software developers
  • Usability and UX professionals
  • Operational managers
  • Health information managers
  • Informaticians
  • Technologists
  • Carers and consumers


Date: Wednesday 1 August
Time: 11.10am-12.40pm

David Bunker @TheDavidBunker
Executive Director, Qld Genomics Health Alliance and Chair of Cybersecurity Community of Practice


David Bunker Executive Director, Qld Genomics Health Alliance and Chair of Cybersecurity Community of Practice
Laurie Joyce Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Victoria
Jorge Silveira Director of Information Management/ CIO Northeast Health Wangaratta
Sami Mahmoud Abed Alkhatib PhD Student, University of Melbourne

Why Cybersecurity is not a product you can buy

Segment 1:
A Little Bit Dave – Anatomy of the Blood Service Data Breach“. A presentation from Laurie Joyce, IT Security and Compliance Manager, from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, which was the victim of a data breach that exposed sensitive personal health information. It talks about how the Service recovered from this breach and the lessons it has translated into better practice.

Segment 2: Stories and conversations reinforcing good practice.

  • How to respond and incorporate code yellow into responses
  • Dealing with breaches in a consistent way
  • Jorge Silveira will provide a structured approach to a response

Segment 3: Facilitated by David Bunker, this will be an AGM-style session and stand-up presentation by Sami Mahmoud Abed Alkhatib who is also giving a presentation on Day 1 of HIC.

Learning Objectives:

  • Practical lessons from a national organisation that suffered a data breach and recovered from it to get to better practice.
  • Sharing practical experiences to identify better practices with colleagues and to support non-security specialists in understanding the issues and risks pre-sent.
  • Understanding the key role of the CoP and how to engage with the group and get involved in the dialogue.

Target Audience:
The workshop is aimed at cybersecurity professionals working in the healthcare sector, but importantly the workshop will be conducted in a way that supports all professionals engaged in healthcare to be part of the solution required to address cybersecurity risks and issues.