Digital Hospital Design (DHD), a special interest group of HISA, is pleased to invite you to participate in DHD 2016, Australia’s Digital Hospital Design Event, to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Monday 25 July 2016, as part of HIC 2016.

Digital Hospital Design

The recent period of new hospital builds is declining. The new challenge facing the health IT community is how do we translate our learning’s from this investment into digitally enabling our existing healthcare infrastructure. How do we innovate in existing facilities in ways that create, fundable, rapid cycle projects that can take an existing hospital on its digital transformation journey. This type of transformation requires a fresh view of how we innovate in hospitals, the processes that we use and the skills that we engage.

To do this we are looking to bring together leaders in digitally evolving services environments outside of healthcare to look at how they have driven success, and to reflect that back into the hospital environment. Specifically we are inviting leaders who have helped drive digital innovation at a strategic level in non-healthcare industries, including online digital business services.


To download a PDF of the full program please click the program button. If you are unable to download please email [email protected]


The non-healthcare leaders will reflect upon their successes, challenges (and failures) and to share

  • What were the drivers for digital solutions and what specific solutions were deployed?
  • What were the impacts?
  • What were the impediments and challenges?
  • What were the key success factors?


Three hospitals that have gone through digital transformations share their experiences and will address issues from SESSION 1.


A facilitated panel session to explore how to take these experiences and use them to accelerate the rate of innovation (rapid cycle “agile” innovation) in our hospitals. This will be a broader panel session include a selection of the earlier speakers, along with leaders from architecture and engineering and technology.


Michael Draheim


Metro South Brisbane HHS

Lee Hatton



Zoltan Kokai


Executive Director Corporate Projects and Sustainability
Eastern Health

Dr Brendan Lovelock


Digital Hospital Design Chair

Philip Otley


The Experience Centre
PwC Digital Services

Prof Robert Saint

Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Flinders University

Bruce Winzar


Bendigo Health

Dr John Zelcer

Healthcare Strategy Advisor



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Dr Brendan Lovelock
Chair Digital Hospital Design
Health Practice Lead
Cisco Systems
Michael Draheim
Chief Information Officer
Metro South Brisbane HHS
Karen Gibson
Vice Chair, HISA
Consultant, The Checkley Group
Dr George Margelis
Health & Life Sciences Lead
Intel Australias
Dr John Zelcer
Healthcare Strategy Advisor