Connecting with Medical Devices

Who should attend:

With increasing adoption of EMR in hospitals, and emerging home care strategies, this half day, pre-HIC 2016 Conference workshop will explore integration of medical and home care/ devices with the electronic medical record and other IT systems.

IHE is an international healthcare integration standards organisation working with key players such as HL7, DICOM, IEEE and healthcare professional organisations to put standard systems into practice. The IHE Patient Care Device (PCD) domain was formed in 2005 to address the integration of medical devices into the healthcare enterprise.

Hospitals need to consider how to move integration of vital signs from the ICU to ED and the wards, along with connection with therapeutic devices such as infusion pumps and emerging integrated e-medication management.

The workshop will include how to view and use the new sources of information. The initial step defines the business and architectural “problem space” and explores standards and non-standard based solutions.
The monitors and medical equipment purchased today have long lifespans and will need to connect to tomorrows EHRs – thinking standards could be a smart choice.

Home care devices support tele-health, through to post hospital care and the long term monitoring and support of the elderly and chronically unwell. And we see a new generation of m-connected devices – what is going to be their place and integration strategy?

Topics to be considered include:

  • Introduction to patient care devices: Introduction to Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise and interoperability standards;
  • EMR integration scenarios:
    • Home care and hospital in the home –  device integration
    • Therapeutic device integration
    • Core standards for communication
    • Data, and physical device connections
    • Role of middleware or integration vendors
    • Finding lost machines – location services
    • Managing machine fleets: ISO 80001 – Integration of medical devices into IT networks
    • Security of medical device integration
    • ISO 82304 – Safety of healthcare software;
  • Implementation strategy – moving beyond the ICU.

IHE working with core machine communication standards organisations has developed a set of Integration profiles covering the core integration scenarios.

Vendors of EMR, middleware and medical device products will demonstrate standards based and proprietary solutions to medical device integration

Bernie Crowe (IHE Australia) [email protected] – for information and commercial interest in workshop involvement.

12.00pm Registration opens
12.30pm Welcome and Introduction
Dr Vince McCauley @vince_mcc Chair, IHE Australia
1.00pm Hospital device integration – the journey and the challenges
Laetitia Franquin @CapsuleTech Capsule Technologie
1.30pm MDI is more than hooking up monitors – infusion pumps
Manoj Verma BD
2.00pm Hospital device integration – the journey and the challenges
Prof Branko Celler @BGC_49 TeleMedCare
2.30pm Homecare device integration scenario: Home cardiac rehabilitation – how will home health services be connected back to base (hospital, call centre)
Simon McBride @simonmcbride Cardihab

Break and interoperability demonstrations

  • Capsule – Monitors and medical devices to EHR
  • CareFusion – Infusion pumps and EHR
  • Telemedcare – Home and hospital/clinic devices
3.45pm Security and privacy as an enabler in the BYO and connected device era
Prof Trish Williams Flinders University
4.15pm Medical device integration – what connects to what and how – using IHE, HL7 FHIR.
Todd Cooper Breakthrough Solutions Foundry
5.15pm Device connectivity – supported by IHE. Planning for Connectathon and Showcase at HIC 2017, HL7 FHIR Connectathon
Dr Vince McCauley @vince_mcc Chair, IHE Australia
5.30pm Workshop concludes

EMR, middleware and medical device vendors

Hospital information systems and medical engineering professionals


Clinical informaticians

Health system architects



Aged care facility & home health service providers

Sunday 24 July 2016, 1.30-5.30pm

Crowne Plaza Melbourne
1-5 Spencer St
Melbourne VIC 3008
t: +61 3 9648 2777


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Prof Branko Celler



Todd Cooper

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Laetitia Franquin

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