HIC Breakfasts

Breakfasts at HIC provides opportunities for delegates to connect and share knowledge and ideas on key topics and latest trends.

Delegates shape agenda at Clinical Informatics Workshop

At HIC 2016, delegates contributed to an emerging Clinical Informatics agenda for Australia.

UX - it's all about the people power

User Experience (UX) is a big deal - a make or break for designers of everything from toasters to hospital apps. In fact, consider your toaster. Imagine if instead of simply turning a dial to regulate how crispy you want the toast, you had to open it up and hardwire it every time. That's UX!...

Hacking Health: Rapid prototyping in health innovation

After a well-received launch last year, HISA is again presenting the Hacking Health event at HIC 2016. Hacking marathons are events in which people collaborate intensively on software projects. Based on a methodology developed by HISA's Canadian partners, Hacking Health invites technology creators and healthcare professionals to collaborate on realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line problems....

Nurses using technology in the service of patient care

The nursing profession used to operate according to certain stereotypes: predominantly female, for example, and diminutive, the Robin to the doctor's Batman. There were broader glass ceiling and gender discussions around the idea of nurse roles vs. doctor roles in most of the first world from the 1940s until roughly the last decade. Technology brings...

Doctors at their fingertips

Speaking at HIC 2016, Ron Gutman knows the importance of being at the right place at the right time. As founder and CEO of HealthTap, his web and app platform has already provided over 4 billion medical answers to some 250 million people around the world. Connecting health consumers with health information and health providers,...

The rise of the expert patient

Digital technologies are transforming patients into niche experts. At HIC in Melbourne, keynote speakers will reflect on the ways that patients are shaping the agendas and transforming not only their health outcomes, but the way medical professionals practice. The emerging shift points not only towards a significant change in one-on-one doctor-patient relations, but also to...

Learning from Dr Google and Dr Kanhutu

Dr Google was, and sometimes still is, disruptive innovation in overdrive. What it had in marketing might it lacked in social sensibility. Unlike Google Scholar and Google Finance it trampled across sacrosanct beliefs and expectations that govern how much do-it-yourself diagnosis health consumers can do safely and with confidence. We will hear of the lessons...

DHD - healthcare is a hotbed of innovation

One of the major paradoxes in healthcare is that, despite broad recognition that relentless cost, quality and equity pressures are dominant drivers for significant change there remains only slow progress towards real innovation in care delivery.   Many reflect that the risk-averse nature of healthcare delivery is a major factor in this limited progress.  Yet...

Spok aspires to be the heart of hospital health

HISA recently sat down with one of our Premium+ Partners - Spok - to find out a little more about what they do and how they plan to transform Australian healthcare.    In a nutshell, what does Spok do? We are a company that continues to enhance the way people communicate in critical situations. We...

The accidental celebrity

Grahame Grieve was trained as a medical scientist. As a result of a taking a job early in his career with a lab systems vendor he ended up working with HL7 (Health Level Seven International) and on the many and varied challenges of encouraging and supporting interoperability.  Then, after almost two decades of working with...

Lady Trish keeping us all e-safe

Associate Professor Trish Williams was recently appointed Professor and inaugural CISCO Chair in Digital Health Systems at Flinders University. The appointment reflects a new high in a career that has been shaped by family influences, a talent for working with numbers and (computer) languages, a sense of adventure and an early realisation that keeping the...


Inspirational Leadership is about creating a sense of direction, purpose, excitement, energy and momentum for change - change that works and achieves great results. Kylie Ward is Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Monash University and CEO of the Australian College of Nursing (ACN). In her career she moved quickly from frontline nursing to a variety...

How determination outplayed dyslexia

Few people know that Professor Richard Osborne is dyslexic. Dyslexia is a neurological condition that makes reading comprehension, and therefore learning, difficult for those who have it. Richard didn't even know he had dyslexia until he was 30 years old. Before that time he had struggled at school and at university, and even failed some...

An omnivorous mind

There are lively debates about what citation counts tell us about a person's influence. Regardless of these debates, the Google Scholar 9,600 lifetime citation count for Enrico tells us that his work has had a significant influence within and beyond the health informatics field.  During a recent conversation with Enrico some of the sources of...

Caffeine connections

Caffeine Connections Are you interested in Hacking Health but need a little more information before signing up?

The art of networking at conferences

There are two major benefits to attending any conference or event within healthcare. Typically:   Information: This is obviously part of (perhaps the major) reason you paid your attendance fee. You want to hear from expert speakers and attend panels and discussions moderated and participated in by people from the front lines of your industry....

Your chance to pitch perfect

Learn how to refine your pitch to 3 mins and meet with other like-minded Hacking Health participants.

Making the connections before Hacking Health in Melbourne

Making the Connections before Hacking Health in Melbourne Find out more information about the project.

Caffeine connections

Caffeine Connections Are you interested in Hacking Health but need a little more information before signing up?

HIC 2016 Exhibition

Are you a CIO that has the latest knowledge at hand to respond to the constant, dynamic changes by improving work flow, managing key stakeholders and reducing costs within your hospital?


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How to make the most of your time @ HIC

HIC is a large and busy conference so if it's your first time, we recommend making a plan of attack. Here are some tips for starters.

Welcome to Melbourne: HIC venue and host city

Host city for the HIC 2016 is Melbourne - experience this magical city, famous for its coffee, food and culture.

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Presenting @ HIC. Here's some tips to wow the crowds. Part III - More tech tips & what to do on the day

More tips to ensure your HIC appearance is a success.

Presenting @ HIC. Here's some tips to wow the crowds. Part II - Presentation Techniques

You have to reach out to the audience when you are presenting. Show some enthusiasm for the topic, be respectful of the audience, be patient with them, never talk down to them.

Presenting @ HIC. Here's some tips to wow the crowds. Part I - Your slides

Engaging your audience is crucial for any presentation. As the world-renowned TED talks show, it is possible to give a great, powerful and engaging presentation in a short amount of time.