You will have access to a broad customer base and informatics community with skills and expertise in standards, terminology, secure messaging, interoperability and health data.

The event provides clinical leadership and engagement through a range of participants and HIC attendees. Dr Jeremy Dart an innovative GP in Brisbane is our Hacking Health Ambassador for this year highlighting the critical need for connected care and health innovation in the primary and community care sector.

The Australian Digital Health Agency (The Agency) is providing significant support and guidance to access national infrastructure for digital health including:

  • My Health Record simulators populated with generated data against which developers could test the projects
  • Providing an instance of the NCTS (National Clinical Terminology Service)
  • Providing Sample code/libraries (Java, .NET and mobile) that can be used by developers to expedite access to the systems
  • Having experienced developers/architects who can provide advice/guidance to projects
  • Supporting pre-event sessions to provide advance guidance

Queensland Health is involved and supporting teams through the process and watching with interest for projects that could be further supported.