Individual membership

All individual members receive:

Please note that HISA memberships are not refundable once paid. Review our member types carefully before selecting from the following options:

Individual membership types / prices

All memberships are valid until 31st March of the following year. Pro-rata price will be applied at the checkout.

Type Price Optional
Ordinary    MOST POPULAR $350 /y
Student $87.5 /y
Concession $87.5 /y
Retired $87.5 /y
Affiliate Ordinary $175 /y
Affiliate Student $41.5 /y
MACHI $399 /y Upgrade
FACHI $523 /y Upgrade

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Select your membership type

About your membership
  • The HISA membership year runs from April 1st to March 31st, full membership fees apply upon joining.
  • Pro-rata membership rates will apply to members joining between September 1st and December 31st.
  • Membership will be valid until March 31st of the following year for members joining between January 1st and March 31st.
  • Memberships are not refundable, unused entitlements can not be transferred.
HISA + ACHI joint membership

Membership is assessed by ACHI.

  • MACHI – granted to individuals who have a recognised level of achievement within the health informatics discipline. Post-nominals of MACHI are awarded. Must complete MACHI application form.
  • FACHI – granted to individuals who have made a substantial achievement and contribution within the health informatics discipline. Post-nominals of FACHI are awarded. Must complete FACHI application form.
Types of concessions
  • STUDENT Must provide proof of full-time enrolment. Students obtain all ordinary member benefits minus discount off CHIA.
  • CONCESSION Members must hold a government health care card and provide a valid copy upon registration.
  • RETIRED Retirees who have been ordinary members for the past 2 years. No voting rights & cannot be elected onto the board or committees but receive other benefits as per ordinary membership.

Affiliate membership is an introductory membership available only for new members to HISA and not available for existing or previous HISA members. Affiliate membership is a great way to get to know the organisation with a limited number of benefits. This membership is available for a maximum of 2 years for an individual.

For an easy-to-read comparison of our available membership options, please click the drop-down box below.

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MOST POPULAR! HISA Ordinary + ACHI member HISA Ordinary + ACHI fellow Full-time students only Government health care card holders Retirees who are ex HISA Ordinary New members only New members only
$350 /y $399 /y $523 /y $87.5 /y $87.5 /y $87.5 /y $175 /y $41.5 /y
Opportunities to network/contact other members
FREE attendance to State Branch events
Discounted newsletter job adverts
Exclusive tickets to SIG events
Access to members-only content
Member newsletter
Access to members-only webinars
Access to HISA-TV
Discounts to the HISA Bookshop (save up to 40%)
FREE subscription to Pulse+IT Magazine valued at $99
Receive special offers
Discounts to HISA conferences
Nominate and vote for HISA State Committee
Nominate and vote for HISA National Board
Discount off CHIA (certification) valued at $115
Discount off CHIA Text Book valued at $90

HISA + ACHI combined membership

HISA, together with the Australasian College for Health Informatics (ACHI), promotes four levels of individual membership in the health informatics community at a discounted combined rate. Membership is assessed by ACHI. Find out more here.

The different levels of individual membership reflect the diversity of Australia’s health informatics community.They aim to present a structure that reflects the ‘seniority’ of the membership levels and give recognition to (and promote) the larger issues of health informatics workforce development and growth. These membership tiers are reflective of expertise and contributions to the field of health informatics. We encourage people to aspire to apply for MACHI and FACHI membership which recognises professional achievements and status in health informatics.

How to become a combined HISA/ACHI member

  1. Join using our online form. Choose either the FACHI or MACHI levels of membership, complete the registration process and make payment*.
  2. Complete the MACHI/FACHI/STUDENT membership application form and email to [email protected]

Already a HISA member? Upgrade to a combined HISA/ACHI member now.

  1. Purchase a membership upgrade to include MACHI or FACHI membership
  2. Complete the MACHI/FACHI/STUDENT membership application form and email to [email protected]

* You will be a HISA Ordinary member, with all the benefits bestowed on a HISA member. On receipt of your MACHI/FACHI application form, your application for Member or Fellow status of ACHI will be assessed by ACHI and you will be notified within six weeks. If your membership application for the College is not approved, you will be notified and the ACHI component of your combined membership fee will be refunded. You will remain a HISA Ordinary member.

Become a fellow/member of ACHI without HISA membership

Applications for ACHI-only membership is a two-step process:

1) Complete the MACHI/FACHI membership application form and email to [email protected]
2) HISA Membership Officer will send you a tax invoice for your ACHI-only membership fee**

** On receipt of your MACHI/FACHI application form, your application for Member or Fellow status of ACHI will be assessed by ACHI and you will be notified within 6-8 weeks. If your membership application for the College is not approved, you will be notified and your ACHI-only membership fee will be refunded.

Renewing your membership

Keeping your HISA membership up to date ensures you get access to:

  • dozens of opportunities per year to network with other digital health professionals
  • professional support, education and library resources
  • up-to-date digital health trends and news

Renew Online

Open up your HISA portal and use your credentials to sign in.

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