Senior Project Officer – Sector Assurance (61 views)

Senior Project Officer – Sector Assurance

The Senior Project Officer, Sector Assurance position within Digital Health Sector Assurance team is an exciting and dynamic role that supports the Department of Health and Human Services (the department) in driving the adoption of best practice and continuous improvement in relation to Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) projects in the Victorian public health services, as well as projects which are managed internally in the department for the health sector.  The unit conducts risk-based assurance, focusing on driving the sector’s projects to succeed and achieve their planned benefits.


The purpose of the Senior Project Officer, Sector Assurance is to:

  • Support a system wide focus of ICT enabled projects by sustaining a knowledge base of all Victorian Public Health Sector activity through the management of quarterly Department of Premier and Cabinet Whole of Victorian Government ICT Project Reporting
  • Support adoption of best practice (project lifecycle and assurance, benefits realisation) in the health sector
  • Work with Assurance Project Managers and inform governance bodies, central agency and audit reporting
  • Drive continuous improvement
Operating at value range 1, you will:
  1. Act as the primary contact between the department and the project teams to ensure the department and the projects meet their respective obligations
  2. Conduct assurance in accordance with the department’s Sector project Assurance Framework
  3. Forge strong connections across the department and health sector to facilitate a partnership approach
  4. Work with senior management to set and achieve key performance indicators and standards
  5. Keep accurate and complete records of your work activities in accordance with legislative requirements and the department’s records, information security and privacy policies and requirements
  6. Take reasonable care for your own health and safety and for that of others in the workplace by working in accordance with legislative requirements and the department’s occupational health and safety (OHS) policies and procedures
  7. Demonstrate how the actions and outcomes of this role and work unit impact clients and the department’s ability to deliver, or facilitate the delivery of, effective support and services
Operating at value range 2, you will perform all the above together with increasing involvement to:
  1. Operate within increased level of autonomy and accountability in project assurance
  2. Contribute advanced expertise and knowledge to health sector project team, CIO and CEO
  3. Provide regular project assurance reports to the Sector Assurance Manager and /or CIO, objectively assessing the health and progress of projects
Selection criteria
Knowledge and skills
  1. Written communication: prepares complex briefs, letters, emails and reports using concise and grammatically correct language; edits written communications to ensure they contain the information necessary to achieve the purpose and meet audience needs; and uses the departments style and formats
  2. Verbal communication: confidently conveys ideas and information in a concise and professional manner; formulates the message to suit the communication objectives and target audience; incorporates audience feedback to refine communications and ensure the messages are understood; manages difficult and sensitive communications professionally
  3. Self-management: uses new knowledge and/or information about oneself to build a broader understanding of one’s own behaviour and the impact it has on others; understands strong emotional reactions and seeks ways to effectively manage one’s own reactions
  4. Influence and negotiation: able to engage with stakeholders of all levels, establish ones’ self as a trusted advisor whilst maintain the departments interests; gains agreement to proposals and ideas; builds support for proposals to ensure acceptance and ownership
Personal qualities
  1. Conceptual and analytical ability: deals with concepts and complexity comfortably; uses analytical and conceptual skills to reason through problems; ability to identify risks and issues and realistic mitigation strategies
  2. Detail focus: attention to fine details and accuracy; identifies gaps in information; looks for logical sequences of information; highlights practical considerations of plans and activities
  3. Integrity: committed to the public interest; operates in a manner that is consistent with the organisations code of conduct; inspires trust by treating all individuals fairly
  4. Teamwork: cooperates and works well with others in pursuit of team goals; collaborates and shares information; shows consideration, concern and respect for others feelings and ideas; accommodates and works well with the different working styles of others; encourages resolution of conflict within the group